Empowering inclusive Fishing storage

Revolutionize the fishing industry by providing fishermen and retailers with a user-friendly platform to access available refrigerated storage locations and easily reserve space to store their daily catches.

Discovering Froster

Our innovative solution not only simplifies the storage process but also offers significant social and environmental benefits, including resource conservation by reducing food waste, a positive impact on ecology through better fish stock management, the creation of local jobs and investment opportunities, as well as promoting a circular economy by reusing existing infrastructure.


Streamlined storage management

Froster simplifies storage for fishermen and retailers, offering an intuitive platform to find and reserve refrigerated space with ease.

Enhanced ecological impact

Digital inclusion facilitation

Improved resource conservation

Froster boosts resource conservation by optimizing storage, reducing waste, and minimizing energy usage in the fishing industry.

4 Quick Steps


Efficient storage location search


Effortless storage space selection

Book & Pay​

Reservation and payment capability


Seamless usage satisfaction


How can I use Froster to find refrigerated storage space?

To find refrigerated storage space with Froster, simply download the app, search for available locations nearby, and reserve the one that suits you best.

Can I book multiple storage spaces at once with Froster?

Yes, Froster allows you to book multiple storage spaces at once, depending on your needs and the availability of facilities.

How do I pay for my reservation on Froster?

Froster offers various payment options (depending on your country), including credit/debit cards or mobile payment methods, allowing you to conveniently complete your reservation with just a few taps.

What features does Froster offer to ensure the quality and reliability of storage facilities?

Froster provides user reviews and ratings for each storage location, giving you insights into the experiences of past users and helping you make informed decisions. Additionally, Froster continuously monitors and verifies the quality of listed facilities to maintain high standards of service.